Meet Dora Drake

Dora Drake is a member of the community who was born and raised in the Graceland neighborhood near Wyrick Park.

She was accepted into the Educational Opportunities Program at Marquette University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Social Welfare and Justice in 2015.

Shortly after, she became a Pretrial Case Manager at JusticePoint for two years. Dora helped people by finding resources they needed such as housing and employment. She, with the help of colleagues and YWCA of Southeast WI, also implemented a racial-bias training for JusticePoint’s employees statewide. Dora also facilitated trauma-informed response training sessions for those who work in the justice system.

As Dora was looking for other ways to advocate for the community , she landed as the campaign manager for Shyla Deacon’s campaign for MPS School Board in District 1. Even though the campaign lost in the 2019 Spring election by small a margin, Dora gained a deeper insight about the challenges teachers, children, and families face surrounding education and what’s at stake for the future of our children.

Dora currently works as a Member Service Coordinator at the Center for Self Sufficiency where she provides re-entry services to support those who are re-entering society.

But with our community facing a global pandemic, we need someone who will take initiative to advocate and create solutions that addresses the challenges we face in the community.

This is why Dora is running.

She is someone who can build bridges and work with others to get the job done. Dora is dedicated to serving the community uniting everyone in hope to rebuild and strengthen communities for the future.

Dora lives near James Madison High School where she is close to her family. She is the oldest of 8 siblings and is a worship singer at New Horizons Integrated Ministries. She also loves the arts and was a cast member in Capita Productions “We Are the Drum” over the past 2 years.