Every child deserves to have access to quality education, but we know that is not the reality. Achievement gaps are still present and we are witnessing a mass exodus of teachers leaving the profession. Our children need to know how to read and write, and our children need teachers that are supported in the classrooms. Therefore, we need innovative tools to increase our children’s literacy rates and establish incentives and increased pay for teachers.

Economic Development

To date, Wisconsin has one of the lowest unemployment rates in it’s history. But our workforce is impacted by retirement, lack of transportation, concerns over working conditions, and lack of childcare options. If we want a sustainable workforce, these issues have to be addressed. Apprenticeships are also key because it will create a workforce pipeline and diversify various industries in the process. Lastly, we still need to promote innovation. An entrepreneur seeks their first investments from friends and family, but too often those resources are not as available to black communities and communities of color. We need to ensure our startup ecosystem has the flexibility and resources to encourage economic development.

Public Safety

When we collectively care about our communities, all of us are engaged to ensure the safety of each other. I co-sponsored the Red Light Camera bill because it will provide an additional took for law enforcement. But how we truly ensure public safety is increasing shared revenue for local municipalities to adequately fund their governments, extend victim protective services, and fund crime preventive programs and pretrial services. We must place programs that address the root causes of crime while still holding people accountable.