2020-2022 Accomplishments

In the 2020-2022 Biennium, Rep. Dora Drake served on 4 committees: Public Safety and Criminal Justice, Workforce Development, Family Law, and Government Oversight and Accountability. She is also a member of the Governor’s Financial Literacy council and the Interim Chair of the Wisconsin Legislative Black Caucus.

In her first term, Rep. Drake had 21 bills signed into law ranging from issues on public safety, healthcare access, small businesses, and criminal justice reform. Some of these bills are:

Act 72, prohibiting the out-of-home placement of a child with a person with a record of a crime against a child

Act 82, disclosure of employment files when recruiting former or current officers

Act 196, housing authorities use of mixed developments

Act 252, relating to a new juvenile correctional facility in Milwaukee and granting boding authority

Act 156, relating to an income and franchise tax exemption for restaurant revitalization grants

Act 121, relating to funding for free and charitable clinics and defining telehealth.